Some of the prices are quite low and seem too good to be true. Is this actually a legit site because I'm looking to get a new guitar and that would be great.
Yes, I got some stuff from there...never a guitar tho...and notice how EVERYONE on here gives links to it.
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If u trust Guitar Center then u trust Musicians Friend...........seeing as there the same company.
I've bought 2 guitars, a pedal, a DVD, and a tab book from there. Everything was shipped in great condition and got here VERY fast! I'd recommend it
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I've never had a problem with them that couldn't be easily resolved. I tried to order a guitar once then it became ludicrously back ordered, actually..that happened twice now. a Schecter and PRS SE. but other than that, I've had no trouble from them. and they haven't given me any problems anytime I want to return something just because I didn't like it. which is great, because I can't try everything before I buy it.
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I've bought loads of stuff from them over the years.They've a great selection and affordable prices, but I've lately found that ZZounds is a bit cheaper.
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Excellent website.

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Unfortunately, I have a Musicians Friend Credit Card! LOL I buy quite a bit from them and they are very trustworthy. I was just told GC and MF parted company last time I bought a guitar at GC the sales man told me that but it still looks like they carry the exact same stuff. Who knows? The two companies together probably buy more stuff than most of the mom and pop stores combined so they get the best wholesale prices so they can sell lower. The only difference between the two is you might be able to get better deals at Guitar Center. I never paid the ticketed price on any new or used guitar at GC ordering from MF you don't get the luxury of trying to get a deal.

I've never ordered guitars online but I've bought some pedals and stuff like that from mf and they've always got here within a few days in perfect condition. Personally, however, I would buy from sam ash if I were to buy a guitar online, but only because they send me thank you cards when I buy stuff from them and that just tickles me pink
Largest online music store in the world--if you can't trust MF, you can't really trust anyone and mine as well never buy anything, lol.

Musician's Friend is the "Amazon.com" of the music world.
the only thing I don't like about MF is that it always takes way too long for my stuff to get here... last time I bought 2 packs of strings and a pack of picks and they took like atleast 2 weeks to get here and I was pissed.
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Haha, this is great. He had $1000, and got a spider. That salesman deserves a god damn medal.

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