A connection to the living

See on my frost-bite skin
In this battle none wins
Raise the flag of harsh winds
Alive for the while
Left alone in defile
Wind pass bye in a vile
Hold all the souls of ghost of men
Find my self to search
Seek of destiny I wait
Into the battle I stay once again
Dream of the cold I stand on my feet
It is the inner set for defeat
General attacks on white lights above
Can’t down the flight of humanity
I can’t chase one that can’t wait
See seeing the shadows pass on
I wake up at the strike of dawn
As I look into the future well beyond
Connections to the out side are long gone
I can’t sleep in the hollow’s aggressive bonds….
I’m welcomed with open arms
Yeah it's good. Well they can use periods etc, but it depends on what you want. I think that it would be better if there were stanzas or at least some paragraph. But if you only want one, then leave it that way.

I like the way you use language.
"We weren’t too ambitious when we started out. We just wanted to be the biggest thing that ever walked the planet."
-- Steven Tyler