Sing a song to feeling young, sing a song to where we’ll run. With youth in our eyes every song was right. Hey! Let’s Pack. Let’s burn out like cassette tapes.
Let’s hear it for the plans that we’ll never make. Let’s hear it for the sights we’ll never see. Then men we’ll never be never sleep because they can’t dream.
But our dreams are harder to remember and our hopes were hung from atop the highest trees. And I’m stuck confessing on missing “friends” that will never miss me.
And we thought that in these four walls we’d find youth and set it free, but now we know it was held safe in the hands of you and me. We’ll find a way without a star to guide us home because the city sky’s ashamed that we could lose what we once owned.

A burning bridge will light the paths we tread. What we thought was providence, buried us instead. There’s a semi-circle underneath the surface. To make ourselves whole, we must unearth it.
Here’s to wasting days digging graves when we could have carved a path. The days we chased were just too fast. Times like these never last. First times, and second chances, letting down our battle stances, but always standing tall. It’s just where I stand on sinking sand that makes me feel so small.
Stamp, steal, and shake up their hearts. You’ll never get enough. This is an all you-can-eat buffet. I hope you’re full when I’m gone. Drink to your fill darling. We both know it’s coming back up. A condom is your Trojan horse. My thinking ahead is waiting for an end.
We prayed for rain till it’s up to our necks. The tides have turned within our hallow chests. These heavy hearts will be the death of us.
I’m not burning out, I’m growing up. I’ve had my luck, just not enough. I must admit we weather well, from sunken ships to liberty bells.
It’s like we’re capsized on the walls we hide behind.

i'm thinking back on days when only living was enough, it's hard for me to face the fact that we've all passed them up, it's times like these when every breath we take is a mistake, we're giving up on growing up because passions never change
we're regressing
every song we sang a long to, gave us grace and filled us up, we were like lanterns radiating the hearts we held, but now we're horizons swallowing sunsets up, we shed our old skins for they've been over-kissed, we lost our innocence
we wrapped our cars around every tree, we swallowed cures that keep us sick, and we stayed 16. (we're burning at both ends, we break before we bend)
build monuments to yesterday, but what if this was all there is, somewhere we've lost track of what matters the most
we're cursed to brave storms we have yet to name, we've shed our skins but we stayed the same.