Yo everyone. The Berklee audition is coming up in March for a full scholarship and I wanna go on full ship ahead on this once and blow em out of the water. I figured most people would come out and improv over a jazz standard and my first thought was to improvise over Giant Steps but I figured since I can play classical and flamenco I'll do that instead. The only problem is I don't know which piece to play. My first thoughts were Recuerdos de la Alhambra or Leyenda. Those are two complex pieces that are sure to get their attention but Im open to suggestions. I have 15 min for the whole audition so It cant be really long but Ill cut it down if anything.....Any other suggestions? Any flamenco suggestions? I still have 5 months to work on it so go ahead and hit me with something that is hard and will catch the judges's attentions cause as soon as I know what Im playing Im gon na work on it till the day of the audition.

Im in 10 grade as of now so I'd still have two more years to try out but I want to go in there as if Im going for the whole thing because they also give scholarships for their 5 week summer program.

Thanks in advanced
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Also, know how to write out music using proper notation. It really doesn't matter what song you choose, if you're good enough you will be able to make it sing regardless.

By the way, where is next years audition taking place. I know theres a few around the nation.