alright so everybody knows dimebag was endorsed by randall for the longest time, then by krank. but i know a guy who roadied for them and he says behind the wall of amps dimebag would hide a mashall half stack that he had mic-ed. what do you guys think he used. anyone hear similar stories like that.

also has anyone ever noticed EVH's frankenstein guitar always seems to have a new name on the headstock. kramer then charvel then fender
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i dont think the EVH thing is true.

and i wouldnt believe the Dimebag thing either.
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I think that Dime stuck with the Randall and Krank amps live cuz they kicked out enough crunch. However, early shots of Dime show him playing his sunburst Dean through a Marshall stack. (1982-1985) Rock in Piece Dime, we miss ya!