"Purple Grasshoppers Are Everywhere!"

Purple Grosshoppers are everywhere,
In the sky and in the air.

When I look around,
And at the ground,

Purple Grasshoppers are everywhere.
Purple Grasshoppers can jump and fly,
Left and right, and to the sky.

If you look to and fro,
And all the way home,

Purple Grasshoppers can jump and fly.
Purple Grasshoppers can fib and lie,
As much as they want, 'till their satisfied.

If you open your ears,
And see all of the tears.

Purple Grasshoppers can fib and lie.
Purple Grasshoppers can dance and sing,
For as long as they want (depends on how many coughdrops they bring!)

They play their songs,
AALLL day long.

Purple Grasshoppers can dance and sing.
Purple Grasshoppers are evil things,
They sharpen their knives, and hide all their belongings.

I have said enough,
And now plan to drown myself.

Like I said...Purple Grasshoppers do evil things!


Don't ask why I wrote this...I was very bored and an image of a Purple Grasshopper popped up into my mind. This really has no meaning, and it doesn't symbolize anything besides BOREDOME. I don't care if you make fun...I was pretty bored...
But do tell me what you think
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How brilliant.
I made a song out of it.
And don't say it has no meaning...there's goldmines of meaning to be found within those words. Just state who or what the Purple Grasshoppers represent and it all falls into place.

I like you.
hahaha wow. Thanks I'm glad someone likes it.
I think the purple grasshopper symbolizes my ex-grlfriend lol!

Again, thanks.

Crit my other songs if you want.
Their in my sig.

And I'll crit yours if you have any just give me the link.