As the title says, I coverd Lay it Down (in my profile). I didn't do too bad on this. Sloppy playing, and I killed the the intro the 3rd time on the chorus, but didn't want to fool with fixing it. I also had to kinda do my own take on some parts of it as I lacked the tab. Likewise, I improv'd the solo. what I want crit on:

Solo (How it sounded overall, how it fit the song, etc; yes I know its not the greatest, but I want feedback anyway)
Quote by KevnTone
youre not that great at guitar.. yet.

but it might just be the bad recording quality.

kind of sloppy.

what do u think of my band's songs?

I'm thinking its a coombination of things. Number one, I'm not good at recording as I can't relax and get nervous and put too much thought into it. And number 2, I found my bends sound really screechy on my Behrigner VAMP2, which could be part of the problem

I really dig your stuff. Very Ratt/Motley Crue/WASPish.

EDIT: For What its worth, put up a new version of it.
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haha thank you very much.

umm i will get back to you on the new recording in a couple days.
my computer is really..... i duno its messed up
and it doesnt update the music players on UG or myspace
or things like that for a few days so i cant listen to it.

but i will remember, dont worry =]