Hey guys I wrote and recorded this song today. I feel you can listen to it and just kick back in your backyard or on the beach. It's about appreciating everything around you.

The song is called Breathe

tell me what you think

crit for crit of course

I enjoyed this. very laid back feel to it. few suggestions. turn the vocals up a little bit and a slight bit down on the reverb on the vocals. i couldn't really understand what was being said. the one thing i didn't like about this was the drums in the chorus. i understand they are loops and all, but i think i would have used a more chill loop for the chorus or maybe for the first chorus stay on a different conga beat and then switch to drums on the next chorus after that one. overall i enjoyed it and just for being a day recording its good.

crit mine?

listen to this^guy. the rimshot on the drums in the chorus has got to go. i think on the garageband drum loops you can easily switch the snare drum sound because the beat itself isn't all that bad.
I like the guitar playing, smooth stuff, you could do with cutting down on the reverb on your vocals, as leapingantelope said. Start melody is reminiscent of "The drugs don't work".The chorus works quite well, fits the vibe you start of with.
Your lyrics are quite good. I'm not sure about the drums, they sound ok, but I'd agree that the snare could do with a change in the chorus, doesn't work great.
Taking the song on its own, it's fine stuff, well constructed, good job.

Crit me back if you can Start melody is reminiscent of "The drugs don't work"
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Its pretty good. your T's and S's come out a lot. But it's hard to do aynthing about that. It's pretty simplistic I guess, but its a good idea.
I realy enjoyed this song, I didn't actually have a problem with the drums. The guitar work is good, I liked the lyrics. The words at times were hard to distinguish, maybe turn the reverb down a little. Btw i agree with the guy above, i was thinking the same thing [the "drugs don't work" vocal melody line in the beginng.] cool song


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