I'm gonna get a new stack, hopefully around 300W in the summer or around spring.

The two stacks (from Guitar Center) I'm comparing are GK Backline 600/Goldline 4x10 and the Ampeg B1RE/B410HE.

I play mostly hard rock/rock/metal. I will probably be playing a Traben Array when I get a stack.

This is going to be part of my secondary equipment.

A few questions:

-Which is better for their value?

-Does the Ampeg B410HE have aluminum speakers? How much does it weigh total?

-Does the GK Goldline 4x10 have wheels?
I can tell you that the Backline 600 header is an okay header for a first one. Not the absolute best, but its great for a starter at its price.
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its more expensive but Ampeg is really higend product. you wont be disappointed with the ampeg, i guarentee that. however, GK arent pushovers either.
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I would take that Ameg cab and put the GK head onto it.

I'm going to buy that same GK head around Christmas time I hope, I love the way it sounds.
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As far as Ampeg goes, I recently tried out some of their gear and the SVT stuff is FAR better than B

I'll take that into consideration when I'm getting better gear than secondary.

Right now I'm just focusing on my second set, and I don't want anything around/higher than $1000.
I'm not pulling in any money yet so I can't really afford the stuff myself or have my dad get EVERYTHING I want.