I've been playing for about 7 years, Had lessons for roughly the first 2. Playing a bit of everything ...whatever I liked, I learned. Mostly Classic rock.
I've been in numerous bands, playing the clubs, playing pretty much all covers. That's pretty restricting, learning-wise. But My current band is getting pretty serious and we're starting to write original stuff, moving into more of the modern rock stuff. My singer is good at writing lyrics, and my bassist is great at writing progressions and melodies. My way of writing is different tho...I have to sit down by myself and work out stuff. I'd like to be able to give more input on the spot, at practice. And lately, anything I write tends to sound the same, or boring/predictable.

Basically, I'm looking for advice on what direction I should be heading. What scales and techniques I should be working on. (I'm not interested in the least with sweep picking or shredding), I mostly just want to be a better lead rock player, and improve my improv and soloing skills.
What scales do you know now? You should definitely have learned the pentatonic/blues scales by now if you just go around learning whatever classic rock songs you felt like. That's how I learned them.

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I would suggest that you take a music theory class if you have the opportunity to... I don't know if you are still in school/college or not, but a class would really help you understand the structures for a song. Now most rock doesn't necessarily require a lot of skill lately, so just learning some scales might help with creating a solo. Again, if you were in music theory, you could learn some modes and make up a decent solo for the key that your song is in. If you play piano, it helps also to understand how triads are formed and such. But you say you want to learn how to improv, just learn scales and modes; be able to play them fast and mix up notes in a creative way.
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thx guys.

Yeah, I know pentatonic/blues scales inside out...thats part of the problem of my solo's sounding too much alike.

I was in a theory group last year. It was really good, but the guy that was teaching it is moved away now. I deffinitly benefitted alot from that class. I still have all my notes and a huge musical theory book. I look back at that stuff all the time, but alot of it is over my head, or not exactly what I want to learn right now. My teacher gave me that same advice about learning modes and stuff. I wish I had the time to sit and learn it...but I am in college and juggling 2 jobs, not to mention a gf, ha. I barely find time to practice. Do u guys know any methods for practicing?