I just wrote this song as a joke...
Well, technically, my friends and I wrote it, and we have music to it to.
This isn't making fun of any fat people, so PLEASE don't tell me I'm dissing fat people.
(but there was a fat kid named Francis at the camp we went to, so that's where we got the song from. Jeez that kid was sooo cool!

"The Fat Kid Song"

There was a fit kid.
His name was Francis.
We met him camping.

And while we were busking he came up to us and said "HEY!"

"I am the fat kid.
My name is Francis.
I ate your food camping."

And while we were busking we told Francis to "HEY!"

You are annoying.
You're pissin' us off.
Just go away before we...
spontaneaously combust!



That last line was kinda messed, but those are my friends (the basist of our band FORTUNE COOKIE MAFIA) favourite words, so we had to include them.

And the last stanza was true, because he wouldn't leave us alone so we told him to fu** off lol..I know its bad...real bad...but you would find the song funny if you were there when we wrote it (at camp)

Hear, hear!
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-- Steven Tyler