what do you do when you dont know what to do? Ive gone through my chord charts, scales, songs im learning, and some technical stuff and now i dont know what to do, i just know i dont wanna stop. any ideas?
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take them all and put them together at 4000 bpm

if you cant do that your not a guitarist
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join a band and play or just play with other people. you learn really fast then.
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New style.

I tell ya man, It saved my playing, and the minute I got done, I improved so much.

I used to just be a rock player, so one day I learned some dashboard confessional on acoustic, and when I got back to rock, I learned how to put more dynamic into it.
So I go along again for a few months, start getting stuck again in a rut.
I went to some country this time, came back with some hybrid picking Ideas and some pretty nice leads (Sidewinder- A7x, even if you have them, its a badass acoustic solo).
Got bored of rock again, and transitioned completely to some older metal and grunge, metallica, sabbath, soungarden and nirvana. Then I moved on to hardcore stuff,

I cant tell you how much incorperating it all helps. I know all my different scales, but in context, not just in theory.

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You should sit down... And just play for an hour or so. You have no idea what you are really capable of..