So i need to take my Washburn into some Luthier to have to professionally set up. Just to make sure everythings alright...i think the intonation might be a little off. Should i take into Guitar Center or SamAsh?
Neither. Don't you have a tuner? Find out how to intonate, everyone can do it.

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Sam Ash imo. They seem to have much more professional employees to my experience.
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Off Topic: What do they do when they set up a guitar and how is it better than if you done it yourself?

its better if you do it yourself because its $40-60 you save.
and its good knowledge
^and you can save time and dont have to not have your guitar for a day or two.
^ a reasurance that it's going to be a perfect job.
i find that it's better to learn, and then get better, than always get a pro to do it.
learn as much as you can. maybe take it in and ask to watch him do it or something so you learn that way.
!!!! alright thanks guys I DID IT MYSELF it wasnt off much it was when i played octaves it sounded off cause the 3g needed a lil twist.... they all needed a lil twist but 3g was the worst as i suspected... BUT NOW I KNOW HOW TO DO IT MYSELF!!! thanks guys ALOT!