Rofl, erm, not sure were to put this but, uh, crits? it's first lesson, i'm happy with the format though, ofc, it's not perfect. nor is it an advanced technique, however, i do see allot of people who tend to miss out palm muting.


I originally had it in riffs and recordings but, it's a lesson not a recording :/ well it is but, *shrug*

your tone is not great, nor is your palm muting technique.

However, for those just beginning on guitar, I'm sure it will be helpful.

Good work.
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i need to work on palm muting then jumping to other strings, like in most slayer songs, because i cant do it without the low strings ringing
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+ thanks for comments! yeah, next one i do ill split it up so i have more close ups, and log shots rather than just one continous view.

the reason i didn't use a clean tone is because i thought it would be far more noticible distorted, but, as for my technique, what did i do wrong o.o.