Hi I'm a complete amateur when it comes to guitars
so thats why I'm posting here

so here is my scenario
currently I'm looking for a new guitar
for starters i don't even own one
so thats a problem
for about 1 and a half years I've been jumping from one guitar to the next
(I've been borrowing my friends one usual the old dusty ones that
people tend to forget about)

so for about a few months I've been trying to improve my skill level enough to
play songs for my local church (currently can only play like 8 of them)

just wondering what would be the most idea guitar type to get
I'm thinking on the idea of an electric acoustic

but i don't know what i am supposed to look for or at when buying a guitar
and what are the certain draw backs
i know there is like a hundred threads that can help me with this
like pros and cons of
squared or rounded
or cutaway or not
or type of material

and there is this thing about tonal stuff which i don't understand that well

a few recommendation of what sorta guitar would be awesome
it always depends on what kind of music you are trying to play.

make sure to include that in your thread. It will help out the other posters.

I don't know much about acoustic-electrics though, sorry.
I bet you five bucks that I play guitar.
my recommendation would be an ovation. they are really nice, and give a great tone acoustically as well as when plugged in through an amp. they are a little expensive, but they are totally worth the money for the tone. they run about 800 for a decent one. this is what i would go with. it is a versatile guitar that is plausible with just about any style of music. i think that no matter what style you play, you will have a great guitar here. i would look into them. you have been playing a year and a half, which makes you a serious enough musician to get this guitar to grow with and mature your abilities, as well as form your style of playing. seriously, Ovations are the way to go.
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it all depends on budget really..the thing with acoustic-eletric's is that if you go the cheap ones your more than likely going to sacrifice sound plugged in and unplugged..you should look for a solid top, which means that the top is one peice of wood rather than plywood, this gives a richer smoother sound, so that definatly the way to go..as for the tones of different wood, im not the best peron to advise, as im not too sure...also depending on the music u play, u may want a cut away to have easy acess to the higher frets, purely personal preference as far as i know...i would reccomend you an alvarez AD60SC, i played one today and theyre really good, they go for about $600 aussie dollars..budget is really a key factor..alternatively, you could get a normal acoustic and get it pickup'd or mic'd..but if you go with a $500 minimum electro acoustic the pickups should be fairly good..that is the case with the alvarez anyway...hope i helped..and if theres anything more specific i can try and help with, just call out
thats insane
to be honest I didn't expect the response time to be that quick
I didn't post this this thread up too long ago
but I already have got 3 useful replies
Ultimate Guitar Forum ROCKS !

yeah currently looking in those types of guitars
and will jot it down the next time I go by my local musical store

and yeah i just read about the difference about buying
a cheap electric acoustic vs a cheap acoustic and adding in your own pick up
so thanks for that

also noted that when looking for a guitar that i should look at the sound it makes along the entire neck
i've been reading some threads where people go up to certain frets and here buzzing

for the type of music I'm playing
well I'm not quite sure what genre to play exactly
but I've been hunting for mainly acoustic/live songs these days
so like a few john mayers coldplay jack johnson matchbox twenty oasis ermm
messed around with some dashboard confessional the red hot chilli peppers travis
recently been trying of eric claptons work even though they are crazy hard (working on classical gas)
*i hope this gives artists give some idea of the type of genre i play

but i dont know what type of music is like church hymns type music