im in a band and we have written some songs and well done alot

my singer is one of my best friends

and he's good

we play mostly stuff you can compare to lamb of god

well we sound kinda like a clone

and thats not bad cuz not many bands sound like LOG

were writing a song called EHC (EMO HATE CREW)

kinda like in homage to COB

ive got a part were theres a really long and high scream and my bro cant nail it

ive recently found out i can nail really high and long screams with ease and they sound good

problem is i cant scream and play at the same time (im lead guitar)

any tips on learning??

btw. i can sing and play but this is more diffucult
cuz im william shatner

no i just got used to it

weird huh its a habit

like instead of periods i put spaces
When it comes to singing (or screaming) and playing together, you just have to know both parts well enough that you can do the tasks without really thinking about it. It mostly just takes a lot of practice. If you can't get the hang of it, maybe let the other guitarist do the lead part while you're singing/screaming.
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you just need to know how to play the song really good untill you can play while talking/singing
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I think I know what you're getting at...but before I try to offer tips, do you mean like it's harder to sing the actual note because you're playing? Or is it that you can sing the note, but can't play the guitar at the same time?
i always get caught up in the playing and i either cant remeber the words or stay on tempo with either one
You may want to try playing the chord before hand, and let it ring out whilst you sing your heart out. By yourself it'll probably sound shaky, but once you get your mates behind you, it should sound fine.
yeah but its a fast string skipping riff bud

that aint no chord to let ring out

its hard to play by itself
i know how you feel, im in a thrash band ( were basically a clone of slayer) and we've gone thorugh 3 singer untill the rest of the band decided i should sing, so right now i sound like Tom Aray from show no mercy, and deeper stuff like on hell awaits. anyways, just have to practice and get used to it, remeber at certian notes you say a certian line and blah blah blah.

Main line william, PRACTICE
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Right...I understand that you're the lead guitarist and that you 'should' be playing those mad riffs, but I'm just saying for practice. I'd be surprised if you could just wake up tomorrow and nail the thing perfectly.
I really honestly hope that you do get it sooner, rather than later, as there's no greater satisfaction than getting what you work hard for. So best of luck to ya!