Is there a site out there where I can write in the formular of a scale
1 2b 3 4 5b 6b 7

The scale and the key and it produces a fretboard with all the notes of this.

Kind of like http://www.scalerator.com/cgi-bin/sdispatch.py?root=E&pattern=harmonic+minor except you can write your own formular in.

I'm having trouble finding scales wrote out like in that site and I don't know my fretboard notes so I have trouble working out the formular.

Quote by brokenanthem

Thanks, but is there a way I can change the formular? I got E minor harmonic and I want to add b2 and b5. ( i heard it is commonly used in metal for this scale).

Or could you tell me how to add the b2 and b5. Thanks.