This is my first post. I've been using UG tabs for 3-4 months now and figured I'd get involved on the forums.
I've been playing guitar (self-taught) for just under a year now and have found it frustrating but quite possibly the most rewarding thing I haver ever done. I bought my guitar off Ebay last year, a Takemine Jasmine S-33, not great, but I just wanted to see if I would like and if I had the dexterity to play guitar. I'm left handed but I learned guitar right handed. (no idea why I did that.)
Anyways, without going further into my life story I have a few questions.

I want to take my instrument to the next step - Most of the stuff I play is my own. I love writing my own chord progressions and doing simple arpegiations (sp) but I find that now I'm pretty much always doing the same rhythms - all I do is change the chord progression. My best guess is in order to learn new rhythms and sounds I should learn music theory which I know NOTHING about. Can someone recommend a book or a video lesson website which can help me out with this?

Also, just to benchmark myself compared to other guitarists after about 1 year (I will have played 1 year just after Christmas) I want to see how good I am. I can play all the chords at the top of the guitar, G,A,D, C, F, A7, E7, Dm, Am, Em, and few others here and ther and those chords pretty much let me play most of the stuff I listen to. I can play all of those with my eyes closed also without any hesitation. I can switch between all those chords in any order back and forth and arpegiate in between while staying in time. I'm just learning bar chords now. I practice usually 2-3hours a week.

Anyways, Thanks in advance for your replies!
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Sounds like you're doing alright. The first site I recommend you to look at, is this very own one! http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/

You'll find great lessons there for everything! As for the rhythm, the only thing I can suggest is to learn a song that doesn't use the rhythms that you would usually use, then try to incorporate them into your own progressions.
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