ok i have a question im looking to buy a quitar with a bluesy style sound, im not to sure but i was looking for a telecaster and am buying it on a trading website, im not to sure though if im getting a good deal it is nz$200 and here are stats:

The Standard Fat Tele features a fast-action neck profile modelled on a late 60's Tele. A hot single-coil pickup in the bridge position

heres a pic plz tell me if i should buy this quitar...

By chatty53

if there is a quitar i should definatly nuy or that has a good blues reputation preferably not as expensive as a gibson could you please tell me too
I don't know the exchange rate between NZ and US dollars, but I do know that a standard Tele is around $700 US list price. That pickup is not standard to telecasters, so what they're selling you has either been heavily modified or is not a real Fender Telecaster. It could also be a Telecaster Deluxe, but at that price, I highly doubt it.

Teles are great guitars, but I'd recommend getting one that hasn't been modified, or even a new one. Not sure if it'll fulfill your blues needs though. For my blues I use a Casino, and my Tele for everything else. :-P
Fender Strats are very versatile guitars and most blues musicians use them like Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Robbie Robertson

but any hollow body is good, cause it has a deep tone, i have an Ibanez Artcore AFS78T and its great for blues
thank you both very much i will not buy that quitar now and after looking at it myself seen that a blindwoman would not buy that
that price is as high as i can go so should i buy a copy osmething like a probe or celebrity?? or leave it at that completly