First you could learn how to alternate pick. Since I assume you play rock/metal, that is pretty much essential. Also, learn to use a metronome - your rhythms are quite off-beat. I guess it would be easiest to learn songs from a variety of bands to help diversify your playing.
Slayer's seasons in the abyss would probably be a good place to start.
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Also, try using your pinky. I didn't see you use it once. It will help in the long run. Though.. I shouldn't be giving tips. I haven't played much more than a year either.
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if that was just a warm the yeah its suppose to be repetetive, but yeah i'd try playing some songs from other bands maybe try like Wherever I May Roam - Metallica or maybe even Hells Bells - AC/DC possibly even Walk - Pantera

those are pretty easy songs to play, not too easy because you kind of want a challenge right? but yeah like they said use your pinky and alternate picking will help you in long run and practice makes perfect, and i'd say maybe loosen up a little, grease the hinges on your strumming hand

hope this helps
cheers, i know i need to use my pinky a bit more, im working on it! and ive already lernt those songs:p but thanks for the help, will do!
something thats really hard to play is Raining Blood - Slayer, i have quite a hard time after the intro lol its pretty insane
id say work on your ryhthm(how ever you spell that) and also the clarity make sure tou get all the frets and your bends hit the right notes. also try practcing with out distortion because i found distortion sometimes covers the flaws in your playing and you should try learning some new scales
thats soemthing ive wanted to do, but i just cant seem to find the time to do it, u know. and the lack of distortion helps big time! thanks