hey, i'm a guitarist but i was thinking of getting into bass.
but i dont want to spend too much on one
what are squier p basses like?
i play mainly extreme metal


I guess, you could try... it'd be fine in the short term in my opinion

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Peavey Millenium bass? its cheap and i have one and its great pretty light weight, sounds great, plays great i wouldnt limit yourself to just squiers there are other cheap basses out there that are of a much higher quality.
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Squier Vintage Modified all the way. I'm a massive fan of those basses that I'm getting the Jazz for my birthday, then I'm buying the P.
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Squier, Ibanez, Yamaha all make nice starter basses. Or you could look at the used market, which sometimes has some great deals as well

The first thing you need to do is to step away from the keyboard, and get to a music store and try a Squier and a slew of other basses in your price range. One of them is going to feel and play great for you. Its the same process you went through when you purchased or choose your last guitar.