How good is this guitar for playing blues?? What other kinds of music can I play trough it? I play through a Roland cube 30.

Thx in advance
it should be good to play blues since its a lucille Lol
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That guitar is good, but I would recommend a new amp isntead. What guitar do you have now? Because something like a Blues Jr. and an Epiphone Dot should fit your pricerange.
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Joe Perry plays a custom Lucille model named after his wife.
It should be pointed out, in case it's not obvious anyway, the one Joe Perry plays is a Gibson Custom Shop replica of BB King's guitar with a different finish (white with a portrait of his wife Billie on the front instead of all-black, and her name on the headstock instead of 'Lucille'). It's a master built special order guitar that for all intents and purposes may in fact be an improvement over BB King's original.

So, clearly this isn't quite the same as the Epiphone version.

That said... new amp is what you need primarily.
Following that, the Epi BB King Lucille is alright, but I would say it's probably the weakest of their signature electrics (Perry/Iommi/Wylde/Valensi/King is the order I'd put them in in terms of quality:cost). It's not a bad instrument, I would just more advise getting one of their cheaper semi-hollowbodies and using the money you've saved up upgrade it. Really of all of Epi's guitars, the Elitist series, the Joe Perry signature, the Tony Iommi signature and the Zakk Wylde signatures, are the only Epi guitars where buying them is actually worth the money; for all of Epi's other guitars, you are always going to be better off buying a 'lesser' model and upgrading it.
Know I have an Epi les paul standard. So, how about Sheraon ll? Better choise?