If you were ever interested in the classical music era, or in Bach's music, and read about him you would find out that what he thought of music was always reflected on this quote he said: "The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul"

that's how Bach saw music and thought of it.
Does anyone agree with that or not, if you don't believe in jesus, do you agree with the 2nd part about the refreshment of the soul?
And how close is bach's vision for music to today's music ?!
is it as far as the gap between his music and today's music ? tell me what u ppl think.
if there's a 1 to 100 meter which shows how close is that quote to today's music ? where would it read ? please answer regardless of believing in god or not.
bach is god- end,... ok seriously tho , modern music has gone completely opposite direction of the classical era, and in no way does his statement describe modern music. the aim of music nowadays is almost always purely for fame or money; selfabsorbed and to a christian viewpoint would mean satanic. his statement reflects the human intellect. just as science intends to understand the natural orders of the universe(god). our progress of human intellect should reflect the glory of god. as man was made in his image.
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