I swear this is like one of the best punk songs ever. Everything about it, the intro the main riff, the chorus, the solo and most of all the chant at the end. It's just pure ****ing greatness. It's a crying shame that The Nosebleeds only recorded two songs.

I ain't been to no music school
Fascist Pigs

Apparently Morrissey sang for them after Ed Banger left.
Ahh no way they are great. I remember hearing it for the first time on one of those £2 punk compilations one of the first punk cd's I bought, and it has always remained on of my favourite punk songs.
Fair enough.

Usually I'd post more than a one line opinion of a band, but I'm going through withdrawal and am rather restless.
I wouldn't say its one of my favs, but yes I do agree that the solo and chorus are quite snazzy.