First post here !!!

Check out my Master of Puppets tribute cover @:


Guitars are PODXT
Drums are Drumkit From hell Superior
bass is Edirol's Super Quartet
Orchestra is Edirol's Orchestra ( lawlz )

Used Andy Sneap kick samples
Snair sample from Born ( nevermore - This godless.. )

Plugins are Waves Gold Bundle

Alle Produced and mixed in Nuendo 3

wow, the guitars sound pwn, nice job
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The guitars are good, the drums are annoying at about 30sec.


also, where did you get the lefty RR3 from?!
my mate has been looking for one for ages
Timing i think is ever so slightly out with the drums, but it is tiny so I'll let you off
Very neat and tidy, i like how you added your own touch to it as well
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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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Awesome job man. Drums sound a tiny bit out, but the rest was perfect.

Amazing job.
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This man deserves my +1


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Wow dudes !! i never thought i already got so much positive comments at my first post ( most of the time you get killed before positive comments )

Thx guys !!!

I found the left Rhoads at a guitar store near where i live, there was just 1 and it was priced from 1,033 euro';s to € 666,- euro;s. I think satan helped me find it.