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I play rock/classic rock, and want to get an 'all around pedal', but i thought this looked pretty good.
I own a RP200, and it has been around for a few years, actually. I use the eq, compression, and effects settings in my effects loop... and the gate is very usable. Some decent tone can be created with it, IMO, if you throw it in front of your amp and use it's distortion settings. I wouldn't go that route, but depending on what you own for equipment, I wouldn't rely on it for it's distortion settings (even though I myself have done at least a dozen gigs with it's distortion settings). The whammy effect is usless, IMO, as are the other pitch effects. The chorus, flange, delay, reverb, compression, gate, and features for the expression pedal (volume, effects swells, gain setting, wah, ect.) are fairly good - hell, I use 'em! In any case, it's cool to have around, and IMO, Digitech makes THE BEST floor units. If you get it, I bet you will use the hell out of it!

EDIT: Do not rely on the presets, and even though it has a recording interface (usb), don't rely on it to record, either. ALWAYS try to live mic yourself for recordings, IMO.
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I've got the RP250 and I think it's great for practice or recording on the PC through the USB interface. Although the presets aren't the greatest, it's a nice way to play around with all the different effects without having to spend a bundle on seperate pedals. I'm not a big fan of putting it through an amp, as I think separate pedals sound a whole lot better, and it also depends on the amp you're putting it in front of.

Some good examples of people using the RP250 are on youtube (which is part of the reason why I picked it up in the first place). On youtube, you might want to check out users SCBENE and TITOVINCENZO.
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I know it's a debatable topic; but, I've been working with some of the software based modellers lately and I gotta say I've been really impressed with some of the tones. As an alternative to using something such as the RP250 and its USB to go directly into your DAW it can really open up some further possibilities when using something like the AlienConnection "ReValver" software modeller or GuitarRig (Native Instruments). They both allow for the ability to have an external footpedal which can be programmed however you like. Just a thought....for me, I tried using one a couple years ago and wasn't so impressed; I think the development of these applications has come a long way in the past couple years though....I wouldn't use anything else now. --jw

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