Hey Guys please your help would be greatly Appreciated

I own i few guitars but i recently purchased a ibanez sa260fm
here is a pic

well I have had the time to play it for awhile and I have decided I want to
Install a emg81 in it the stock HB is ok but its to single coil sounding at times especially at high gain. i have a spare emg81 one lying around its brand new.

but my problem is there is no Wiring Diagram for a coil tapped (HSS) guitar anywhere? please guys help me out I dont want to f#$% it up.

P.S I might still get it done by a tech but i would rather do it myself .

Thanks guys
I know that but im looking to remove the coil tap and install a straaight up H.B
it's hard to install a mix of active & passive pickups- lots of wiring AFAIK. Some say it's not worth it.
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not on this guitar anyway maybe I should didable them then i have a killswitch to?
You guys make this sound so desperate and hopeless when it's so bloody easy.

Here's a wiring diagram of your guitar from the Ibanez site:

Just disconnect the the three wires from the old HB.

1 - Connect the battery, new output jack (stereo type needed to turn off battery when unplugged), and power to the pickup using the diagram that comes with your 81.

2 - Connect the braid of the 81's signal cable to where the braid of the old pickup was connected.

3 - Connect the inner conductor of the 81's signal cable to where the white wire of the old pickup was connected.

4 - Done!


Don't connect anything to where the red wire from the old pickup was connected. That was for just splitting the coils. You'll have the full HB in position 4, where it used to be split. No big deal.

Do NOT change the pots. The 25k pot recommended for the EMGs will make your passives sound like mud. The EMG will sound no different with a 500k pot. You just won't get the added noise reduction that a lower resistance will provide.

The EMG will probably overpower the middle pickup when in position 4, but it will still sound different from position 5.

Actives and passives don't get along that well, that's the best you can do, with what you have to work with.
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Actives and passives don't get along that well, that's the best you can do, with what you have to work with.

I happen to agree with him on that one. You know, you could always just buy a passive, and still get tone that would (probably) be better than the EMG. Then you wouldnt have to deal with batteries, either, which is a big annoyance, having to open up your guitar every time a 9v dies...

Of course, you can take the hard route and install the EMG, which would still be an upgrade over your stock PU's. I'm just presenting you with choices.