Hee folks,

I've uploaded my video on youtube a while ago and I dont seem to get any constructive criticism (Sp?) on my video!

I was hoping you guys could tell me anything helpful, tips or whatever.

Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-5_569-c1A

Im sorry for the sound.. But the quality is still acceptable imo

Thanks in advance
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Wonderful match by TS but in the end simply overwhelmed by the pure skill and simplicity of unfluffed. A true professional in action.
God damn dude, that was really awesome. I was really excited to see this song in the title, then immediately disappointed because I figured no one could really do it justice, and then excited again that you pulled it off well. Good job.
could you upload a higher quality version of this video please? I'd love to hear it in better quality.
Not bad... caught a few flubs here and there, but the average joe wouldn't see/hear them.

I suppose you're like me. Once I know a certain song... I like to try and play it faster and faster until I get to an Alvin and the Chipmunks on crystal meth sort of thing?

Regardless, I'm just being honest with you about the couple of flubbed notes. Realistically... I enjoyed it.
Very good. Like Bill I noticed a few slips but nothing significant. And it may have just been the recording quality but your tone was really muddy and I bet it would sound much better if you cleared it up a bit. Good work!
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