I'm looking at the tab for Hey There Delilah and it requires me to play the F#m chord. It goes:


How would I place my fingers for that? I try different ways, but they all seem to miss a note.
use your pointer finger to bar the 2 on the g and b string

then use your ring finger for the 4 on the d string

that's how i do it
hope it works for you
I play it this way
D - xxx23x
F#m - xx422x

I play that through the verse until the "..close your eyes..." lyric.
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First finger for the '22' bit
and ring/pinky for the 4 on the d string, whichever feels more comfortable

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Thanks for the replies. I guess the first finger on the '22' bit is correct, but I suck @ barring. Oh well, practice makes perfect thanks!
hold the shape with thes fingers for D XXX13X
then when switching to F#minior use XX412X

note those are what figners to use not what frets to hold.

its very hard to hold the F#m chord with enough speed unless you have a pretty good acoustic. main thing when buying acoustics is to make sure barr chords are easy.
if you suck at barre chords , try a capo on the 2 fret and play EADGBE:x32010 going to EADGBE:022000

"also when playing keep you thumb well down the neck of the guitar to ensure you press the strings with the fingertips , make sure the creases of your barring finger dont fall in line with the strings , press the barre as close to the fret wire pivoting the fingerback slightly if it is more comfortable to do so , make sure the head of the guitar is pointing slightly up , dont over grip the neck !!"