So when playing on stage what type of gear is most likely to be given to you for use by the venue you are playing at?

If I was on drums would I most likely have to buy a drum mic set or would most places let you use one that they had?

Just wondering what is most commonly done for setups on stage.

Above is about the mics mostly but I'm interested in everything like cables and monitors...all that stuff.

Big venue being a live stage like the Garden State Arts Center
Small venue being a school stage type setting.

both would normally have a house PA setup.

I know back at my high school they used to bring in a 'Sound guy' who had a mixer, stage snake, monitors, both wired and wireless mics, and some extra speakers on stands.. The only thing I on sound had to do in the lighting booth was control the mic for the MC which was a mic the school owned.
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every place I've played has had the PA, monitors and mics already there for everyone to use.

around here they have house amps and drum kits that can be used, but they're more for backup.

the only things that I've ever been expected to bring are guitars, amps, leads, effects and drum kit. even then they usually just use one kit to save time.

If you're worried get in touch with the venue and find out exactly what they have.
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Small venues own, doesn't matter what you take then and it's a pretty intense atmosphere. Saw Franz Ferdinand play in a crowd of about 70 people, one of the best gigs i've been too. Take a stack i'd say, mic the drums if neccesary... and the essentials

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assume your going to be given nothing. (except pa gear, unless you've to organise that yourself)

dont turn up and expect to be given gear to use unless its been agreed that you will use it.
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through experience i'd say never trust anyone when it comes to supplying gear. even the venues can mess you about when it comes to supplying stuff, we've been misinformed and even lied to about what to expect. when it comes to PAs the venue can be relied upon to have one (because they'll need it for DJs as well as live bands) but that doesn't mean it's any good. always bring a full complement of gear, never EVER rely on house equipment.