So yeah when I plug my laptop's sound output to my amps input I get this sort of static-shooshing or whatever.

Anyway, what I really wanted to do in the first place was have it so I can hear my music and play along so I connected my headphones to my head phone jack on my amp, then I plugged my computer to my Mixin and my bass to my amp input. But the only problem is my bass over powers my music:

I have a SWR LA12 amp

It seems like if I plug anything not speakers or headphones in to my computer I get feedback.
If it tickles and doesn't burn, it's ok.
play the music through a set of speakers and play bass through your amp...
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Yeah, if I wanted to do that I think I would have done that already. But I want to use earphones so I don't disturb my roommate. Bassically I need a way to have both my computer and amp output into my earphones.
If it tickles and doesn't burn, it's ok.