Hey! I have 2 guitar in mind, the Jackson DXMG and the Ibanez RG350DX

Which would u buy ? I would like your opinion (especially if u have tried them out)
i have tried both, and i bought teh ibanez. when you said 350dx, did you mean mdx? mines a rg350mdx.

but it really comes down to which you prefer playing tbh.
id go for the ibanez personally.
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jackson for sure it has emg hzs, it will give you some balls to the walls distortion man, its amazing, well at least the one i tried was, id definitely get one if i had the money
as i don't like the jackson headstock i'd go with the ibanez...

...if it wasn't for the ibanez humbuckers....they sound completely dull and powerless, had them on my s520ex originally.

the EMG HZs are pretty good for the price, so the jackson would appeal to me the most
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