how good is this product? will it peel off? i have a Black strat which doesn't matter much but hey

anyway is their another way to get my frets to light up blue liken this is this product will peel off?
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I can't see how that would light up at all...
Maybe you've posted the wrong link.
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I'm not sure - i don't think it'll look cool, the audience will just think you need it to play properly. For $7.99 you may as well give it a go though. There's also FretFx, and glow in the dark markers, though I have no experience with either. You can fit fiberoptic lights yourself which gives great results but involves some pretty complex work and is something you should by no means take lightly.

If you've got around $600 to spare you could always get in touch with Sims Custom shop who'll fit LEDs down your entire fretboard, but somehow I doubt you're quite that serious about it.
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