i would comment but then again i have dial up so i cant listen to it without it chopping up. se7en.. haha xD the name of one of the most famous korean artist
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I liked it alot. The guitar playing was solid and there was a good variety in the style of the music. I especially liked Viviana because the intro is quite technical and precise.
However, I think the thing that really brought the band down was the vocals. I thought the lyrics were really good, its just that your lead singer hasnt got the best voice, maybe with a few singing lessons he would improve.
The final thing is that in the intro to "Five Days" it slows down when coming into the first verse. Im not sure if this is intentional or whether it is bad time keeping. If it was intentional I would suggest that you make it more noticable so any record labels watching you performing live know that you meant it and it wasnt just sloppyness.
Apart from this I really enjoyed it, and hope my coments helped.
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Malakian=God, hehe we are not bothered about record labels, we are just having fun. The singer (me) is only the singer cos i'm the only one thats can carry a tune. You should hear the other guys ;s Oddly, I write my lyrics in less time than it takes to eat lunch.