Here's what I know about it:

  • Made in the 80's
  • Strat type body shape
  • Fire Crackle Finish (Black and Orange / Red)
  • Tremolo System - Not sure if it's a Floyd Rose or not
  • 7-digit serial number starts with C80
  • Neck through body - Serial number on last fret confirms this
  • 24 frets
  • Single pickup - humbucker in bridge postion
  • Don't know direction / shape of headstock
  • Single know - dunno if it's volume or tone - I'm guessing volume
  • Dark fretboard

As far as condition, the finish looks clean. There is crud around the pickup mounting and adjustment screws, the bridge adjusting screws and the micro tuning screws. The fretboard is very dried out. Obviously, if I but this, it will make it's first stop at my guitar guy for a setup and some much-needed TLC!

Any help on model and possible value would be appreciated.

Inlays? I can't ID this 100% for sure without knowing the inlays, shape of the headstock, what kind of switch it has, logo (Toothpaste or Guitar) and what the trem is (JT6, JT580, JT590). Offhand, I'm thinking it could be a 550XL, but since its a more unique one, I can't give you 100% on the value, but I would say from $400-500 given the market for similar Charvels on ebay.
Thanks for the quick reply, CJ!
  • The inlays are dots
  • I don't know the shape of the headstock - I only have one pic that was printed out and given to me and it only shows the body and up to the 10th fret on the neck
  • There are no switches on the body - just a single knob and single pickup
  • I assume the logo would be on the headstock...
  • I have an Aria Pro II with a Floyd Rose TRS-101 tremolo. The charvel has allen key height adjusters where the 101 has phillips head screws. The 101 has "TRS-101" and license info on it while the Charvel one has nothing stamped on it.
I looked up Charvels on eBay...

The finish of the guitar in question is just like this one except its black with orange/red crackling rather than multi-color. Of course, the one I'm looking at is neck-through, has 24 frets and just the single bridge humbucker.

The body layout is just like this auction with the same exceptions as above... Also, the guitar I'm looking at has a flat finish pickup cover - not the exposed coils.

It also comes with a hardshell case so there's a $100 value right there!
More info...

The guitar in question is either a Charvel/Jackson or San Dimas Charvel. Apparently, straight-up Charvel's never had more than 21 or 22 frets. The pic below has the exact same finish as the one I'm looking at. The one I'm looking at still has 24 frets and single humbucker only. Also, the pic below doesn't have enough resolution for me to accurately compare the tremolo systems.
Sounds to me then like a Model 5A. Made in Japan, sweet guitars. Jackson JT-6 Trem, J95 pickup. They run around $500 USD in good shape, with the trem intact and with all the original parts. Btw, you linked a Model 2 and a modified Predator
Thanks for the input. From your input and additional research on my part, I concur that it's a 5A. The only differences between the pic below and the git I'm looking at are the finish and the one I'm looking at doesn't have the white marking on the pickup cover. Everything else is right - 24 frets, single humbucker, single volume knob, neck-thru, etc...
I wouldn't worry too much about the lack of of marking on the humbucker, it had a habit of wearing off. So yeah, I would go for it if its below $500 and in good shape. And if you do get it, be sure to check out Jackson/Charvel forum