Hi Guys !

I have two questions to

Is it better to practise more technique exercises instead working on songs?
For example Iam doing every day 2:30 hours on technique and 90 minutes Iam working on songs and when Iam finished with my practice session then Iam do jamming or compose own music.

My secound question is
Can someone name me some fast legato pieces from metal and classical genre. By reason at the moment I don´t know which legato exercises I could practise. I did for example all excersies from "Rock Discipline by John Petrucci" and "Speed Mechanics by Troy Stetina"

Iam sorry for my bad english, but I hope that you understood my questions ^^

GreetZ 40BPM
My advice on this is the following.

I have been playing for four years. In those four years I never learnt a single song. I practiced scales, techniques and learnt theory. I could improvise and I can improvise well but in order to get the most out of soloing, you should learn songs because songs can open up novel ways of using a technique. I now learn songs because it gives variety to my playing and I can take ideas from them to use in my own compositions. So doing both is important.

For your second question I dont know of any but try the Vai ten hour workout and try and find the Shred Manifesto by Rusty Cooley. Its epic.
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its best to find songs that contain a lot of technique in them. so artists like satriani, vai, petrucci, johnson etc

i like to balance between songs and technique, but personally i learn best from songs.
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It doesn't really matter. You can get your technique material from either a song
or an exercise or a scale. The important thing is how much you zero in on the
details of playing it right or not. That being said, if you really want to focus on
some specific technique and really work it, exercises can really do that much better.
Chances are if you're doing a song and you get stuck, you really should focus on
what you're stuck on which generally means making it into an exercise anyway.
My advice is to do both!

It's the only right answer You just have to find a balance.
I'm sorry for my bad English