I was kinda shocked to realise there wasn't a thread about this great man already.....

Well I like David Bowie a lot. Some great songs by him and the Spiders from Mars. So, discuss.

Recently I've been into the last song on Ziggy Stardust..."Rock n Roll Suicide", anyone like this song?
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Bowie's an awesome and versatile performer. He is a true chameleon of musical styles. Man Who Sold the World and Hunky Dory are amazing albums.
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He is wicked, I've enjoyed all the songs I've heard by him.
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What ever happened to Mott the Hoople? Was that just a short side project for DB?

It wasn't a side project; he just wrote their hit song, All the Young Dudes. I believe they had a choice between that song and Suffragette City.

But ya, love Bowie. Scary Monsters is a ****in awesome cd that I'd overlooked up until recently.

Rock and Roll Suicide is a decent song, not one of my absolute favorites though. Nice outro
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There's seriously not another existing Bowie thread? Wow, I didn't realize it until now, but we need a Bowie thread!
Yeah, the guy's a genius. His '70s material is some of the most innovative and important stuff in rock music. The Man Who Sold the World contributed to the rise of heavy metal. Hunky Dory & Ziggy Stardust contributed to the rise of glam rock. Station to Station contributed to the rise of dance rock (if you'd even call that a genre). Brilliant guy. I think Ziggy Stardust is one of the single most important albums of all time. In my personal top 10, anyway.
What's Bowie up to these days, anyway? I haven't heard much about him lately.
Well, he sings backup on the song Province, in Return to Cookie Mountain by the band TV on the Radio. Awesome album
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What's Bowie up to these days, anyway? I haven't heard much about him lately.

I think he had some sort of health scare a while ago. I guess he's just chilling out, but I really hope he's got a new album in the pipeline.
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I really dig Bowie's style of singing and I think my favorite song has to be 1984. The first verse is so damn cool.
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