hey could any1 tell some site where i could find some reggae licks for playing lead guitar and what scales i should use to play????

if any of you guys (or girls) knows anything about reggae no matter what it is spit it out plz thanx!
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Major pentatonic works nicely over reggae rhythms.
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Reggae and ska don't have much lead guitar work. It has a much more harmonic/rhythmic role than anything. Are you simply trying to stand out in a band? If so, do stop.

But of course I'll help. I'd recommend the major scale and the Mixolydian mode (flat 7th).
im not trying to stand out...the thing is we are two guitarists in the band and one need to do lead guitar (which is me) so i needed help.....thanx for the help keep helping lol
While CanCan has a point lead and improv on guitar over reggae can sound sweet. Check out Stone Senses, their guitar player has got some definite talent. I'd listen to him and see if you can't steal some ideas, a lot of what he does is riff based so you should be able to pick up a few. (Harder Than The Rest is a really good album of theirs.) (Sublime too but Brad's solos are never too reaggae oriented.)
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the lead guitar in bob marleys music (i forget the guitarists name ... family man something?) is basically just bluesy licks in the minor pentatonic