I'm getting this guitar for my birthday im going to play mostly metal.

But i'm wondering if the how fat the neck is because on my sg i cant really do tapping or pull ofs with loads of notes, but i can on my friends Ibanez. So if you have it can you tap and stuff and is the neck fat or thin?
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Ibanez guitars usually have pretty thin necks.. so compared to one of those.. it would feel bulky.

The neck itself isn't actually too big though. Big enough though, that it might be a bit uncomfortable shredding and stuff though, if that's your thing.
well2 things

i have a schecter c1 blackjack there amazing and have played the hellraiser there simmilar and great for metal

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They wouldn't make an electric guitar you can't tap on. Especially when the C-1 Hellraiser is pretty damn 'metal,' where tapping excels. >.<

I want that guitar, but if I'm gonna get a metal guitar, I want one with a whammy.

if you want it with a whammy they make a C1-fr hellraiser

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I've played it. The neck is fine IMO. It's no Wizard, but it's perfectly fine for tapping as well as anything else. And good choice BTW. Schecter makes some damn fine guitars, and the Hellraisers are some of their best.
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You can tap on any guitar, you could tap on the rickenbacker frying pan for friggs sake, its abotu what your'e comfortable with it's a oad of crap that you play faster on Ibanezes and heavier on les pauls and stuff.
Its an awesome guitar for the money. However, if you can't handle anything bigger than an ibanez neck, you know what to get don't you?
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