I've been looking for a new guitar for awhile. I play all kinds of music except heavy metal and i have an orange rockerverb 50. I've decided between a fender american tele, fender jazzmaster, rickenbacker 620 and rickenbacker 650. I don't have access to any rickenbackers but does anyone own any of these guitars and have anything to say about them. I am looking for a brighter sounding guitar.
i would say tele, but im a fender kinda guy
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Telecaster. Seriously, my friend got one of those a while back. One of the best guitars I've ever played. While Rickenbacker is a fantastic guitar company, the Tele is so simple, yet so versatiile, it's definitely my first choice.
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Don't buy a rickenbacker until you've played one! Though you probably won't be playing high up the neck, the frets are extremely small!

But if you want a good solid guitar, with a bright sound, the Tele is your friend.
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