thinkin bout gettin a standard Epi LP, they any good for playing metal?

and what r the cleans like too?
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it's good for any genre...

and yeah.. the cleans arent as good as the strat ones... if you're in blues too you'll love it
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Its an LP you can play anything with it. Im sure everybody will tell you it needs new pickups right away. I have one when I want more distortion I boost the signal with a pedal. Or set it up so I can play with the volume down a little then crank it up when I want more.
I'd say they're good for playing metal. LPs, in my opinion, have one of the largest sound ranges of any guitar I've heard. on a 2 pick up LP, the Treble pick up can get you just about anywhere from scratchy to a pseudo-Strat sound, just not to the "twang" extent of a Strat. The Rhythm pick up can get you anywhere fro,m a deep grinding sound to a low almost liquid rolling sound. So yes I'd say they're good for metal and just about anything else you could ever want to play.

Played clean the sound on the treble is a crisp warm sound and on the rhythm its a soft almost velvety tone.

Basically a great all around guitar. But I'm a little biased because I own a Epiphone Les Paul. And let me tell you, at first, a Les Paul was what I wanted to steer away form when I got my first real serious guitar, picked it up, played it and fell in love. But enough rambling, Yes you can play metal quite well along with any other type of music.
yes it can. I own one and play pantera, trivium, arch enemy, etc on it just fine. It has alot more to do with your amp though... the stock pickups are just fine imo, but i would def try one out before you buy.
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Love it.
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