ok, so you may be able to tell by the title of the thread that im not too pleased. im hoping someone here can help me or i may just kill myself.*ok, so basically to cut a long story short, i've broken the g string on all three of my acoustics and i need an acoustic for thursday. now, you see, my problemo is that i broke the strings all the same way. tuning down (?) yes, you read that right, tuning DOWN. crazy. i know. so does anyone know why they break when im tuning down from g to d? and anyway of preventing it? also, it always breaks on the machine head/tuning peg. it shouldn't be a problem with the peg (being sharp or whatever) because they aren't crap acoustics etc. well..one of them is..but thats not the point

Thanks in advance amigo's

*possible over reaction
Hmm, I did a similar thing tuning the high e which was tuned to F# back down to E. Just go slow when you do it. I think releasing the tension too quick has something to do with it.
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well how old are the strings...if theyve just sat for weeks than just changing the tension at all could break them

if theyre new i dont have a clue, ive never had that problem...
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maximum or two weeks old, played everyday. i was thinking the same about the tension. slowly does it then next time lol. thanks a lot!!!
Yeah tune it slowly! but i also stretch the string im tuning every two or three turns i grab the string up near the sound hole and and stretch it out without breaking it and ever since i have been doin this i havent broken a string!

And another thing you can grab a lead pencil and rub it inbetween the slots that the strings sit in near the headstock incase its gripping on!
yeah def go slow

and i just remembered something that happened to me once...

if they are ever breaking down by the tuning pegs, than you want to check that the string isnt overlapping as its being wound around...i did it on accident once, and it broke

so make sure its wound right...
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I break my strings all the time when tuning down... especially the G. Are you playing Iris by any chance? I don't many other tunings that require a G -> D.
There is most likely a burr in some metal part of the guitar... oh yeah, you said it always broke at the machine heads. If you are not familar with what a burr is, it is a little piece metal, tiny tiny, that sometimes sharpens and is responsible for breaking / cutting the strings. So, whether you tune up or down it could happen. These can be removed with a piece of steel wool, or even a piece of sand paper, depending on how bad the burr is. Hope that helps!!
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^-- that's what i immediately thought, but he said this is happening on three different guitars! pretty crazy circumstance:

3 different guitars
same string breaks at same place on all three
Maybe have to do with the way you string it.
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buy a new set of strings and leave the g string tuned to g until after Thursday. Don't get angry about why, as long as it's easy enough to fix.
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yeah its got to be with how you are stringing it...

if its happening with all 3...
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Also if your doing a lot of tuning to diff tunings or whatever i have found that tuning alot puts a lot of pressure on the strings at the pegs. I remember when i was trying to set up the trem on my strat a while back, the constant down tuning of the strings to make adjustments ended up with me snapping a string (when i downtuned too). Its the whole being bent round the peghead, then having a ****load of pressure put on, then bent, then unbent etc etc. It will weaken the strings just around the point where they come off the peg.