The fuses on my amp (Laney VH100r) keep blowing repeatedly and it's starting to annoy me. It's been more often than what I'd deem usual (6 times in a week). Can anyone think what's wrong with it, I was thinking the transformer but what do i know.
Taking it to an amp tech would be the best idea. You can get hurt quite badly when you mess around with amps.
It sounds like too much juice is making it to that fuse. Could be a number of things. Look for any burn marks or open wires. Could be a transformer, could be a resistor, who knows. Maybe get a tool that will measure the flow through certain points.


Taking it to an amp tech would be the best thing to do.
which fuses? valve fuses or mains fuses?

if its the valve fuses, usually it suggests you need some new valves and perhaps a re-bias. take it to a tech.
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The fuse blows to protect the amp from burning itself up. It's a symptom of something else wrong inside. Don't put another fuse in there, just take it to a tech.
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Sounds you like need some new power tubes to me. When they are on the way out they can cause the fuse to keep failing.