Is it better to apply sealer then primer or should I save a buck and use this sealer/primer combination stuff?
I was certain that usually primers are used to prime something. By definition the primer would go first. And the sealer, usually used to seal something was put on last. In my opinion, if I were you, I'd buy the combination.
i think he means the sand and sealer
if you do then the sealer would go first then primer
Send me off to bed forevermore.
Yes I meant sand and sealer. I figured my spraying would go like this:

Sealer > Primer > Colour > Clearcoat

I'm hoping I can save some money by getting the sealer/primer combo only if it'll do the same trick in double the time. I would rather not use the combo at the expense of my guitar so somebody please tell me straight up yes or no for the sealer/primer combo. Thanks in advance