[I still have other things to buy though]...wat do u guys think?
My bro says not to get an amp w/ effects cuz he says it'll blow up reall quick.

**Remember limited budget!!!!**
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And as for guitars...mm, a jackson dinky wth EMG pickups.
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i'd think twice before buying a guitar with a trem, they're a pain to set up and wont stay very well in tune if they're poor quality
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Shredhead's advice is the best in the thread.

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Jackson Dk2m I can't stress that guitar enough, it's superb! It has a floyd, great pups and a great neck. Not to mention it's hot as hell!
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its your amp that will contribute to your sound mainly so if your looking for a heavy sound then id consider maybe getting a new amp first.
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I have no idea tbh. All kinda of heavy metal, esepcially thrash, and my main guitar is an epiphone les paul with EMG's when most would argue that an ibanez would be better for me, but i still prefer the paul. So my best advice is to try out a couple of guitars played by a few of your favourite artists. eventually you'll find your ideal guitar
What amp do you have? Most of the sound comes from the amp, not the guitar. If you have a crappy amp, get a better one before you think about a new guitar. If you are good with the sound of your amp, however, then I strongly suggest a Jackson DKMG for metal. It's great quality, and EMG's are awesome for what you need them for.
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