ok..i tabbed two songs..the tabs were almost perfect, i'm sure of it because i played both along with the song..and sounds right, and also i played them live and everyone knowing those songs agreed with me.

Now..why both weren't accepted?..I'm sad ...Sometimes you find tabs that are 100% uncorrect...

Thanks to who will explain me it..
because maybe there is already 50 billion tabs for the songs u covered
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Thanks, douche.

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I dont get why they let those crappy tabs that end up getting rated at like 2 stars or are just like 3 lines of a song in in the first place.
yup he just asked for a reason, at least that's what the WHY says xD.

What songs were they?
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no, i tabbed a song that you can't find at any site, and another song that has got just one tab here and uncorrect.

yeah, i'm asking for the reason!