Yes, the connection is just as fine as it's ever been. Just can't see it under Network connections.

For reference I did recently have to do a system recovery.

^ For above. Besides the fact I SHOULD be able to see it, I'm trying to connect to Hamachi, and it won't allow me as the network adaptor is disabled. To enable it I have to go to it under network connections, but it won't show up. I noticed that my main Internet connection never should up either, and that kind of freaked me out.
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If you can connect fine, then why complain?

exactly. u might get it if u install the drivers (chipset (only if its onboard) and network card), otherwise there isnt a problem.
Use BSD Unix :p
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Odd, I've been having the same problem for like a year or so no. If I leave my computer on too long, the connections just disappear even though I'm still connected. Restarting makes them reappear, though. Have you tried restarting? I don't know how to fix it permanently.