heylo there!

is study music at university, and for my course i got asked to write a theme tune for a tv show based on harry potter, so here it is!
any crit and comments very much welcomed!


cheers in advance!
EFFING EPIC! how did you make all those sweet synth sounds?!?! i love it, i almost added it to my myspace page so...yea.
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haha thanks a lot man really appreciate the kind comments!

any more crit/comments?

cheers in advance!
i'd have some pizzicatto strings right along playing the same notes as the orchestra sound that you have. that's be dope

edit: just listening to it a second time now and i noticed the pizz strings u have at the begining. and i'd just keep going with them or bring them in every now and then or something in a higher register

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lmao, yeh i guess it does
thanks for the comments so far!

any more comments or crit?

cheers in advance