Hi, I am starting a new metal band and have already gotten everybody who is willing to play together. So far we have drums guitar bass and MAYBE vocals. Since there are a lot of people here who have been in bands, i have some questions:

1. What would you recommend that my band does to "become a unit"?

2. How do/did you write your songs?

3. How did you publicize for a new member (if needed) and how did you decide if they made the cut or not?
1. Practice regularly, but not necessarily strictly. Have fun jamming around together.

2. Sat down with a bandmate or two, picked up a guitar, thought of a topic/style/mood, then just play some stuff. If you come up with a riff that doesn't fit the song you're working on, write it down somewhere (Power tab?) and keep it in your proverbial 'Rifftionary'. Don't try and force songs to come though. Let them flow.

3. Can't really help here. I'd try putting ads in local guitar shops etc... Just audition them to see if you like their style.
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well, to "become a unit" there are two options: straight jamming and improving together or doing a few cover songs, writing songs works the same as when you're on your own, just jam it out, find the main structure of the song, maybe an intro and ending, and your main songwriter writes the lyrics, or you write them together as a band, then let your guitar player worry about a solo (if it fits in with the song, AVOID UNNECESSARY SOLOS AT ALL COSTS) and have the rest of the guys work on making individual pieces of the song that will fit together
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