I noticed a pic of Zakk Wylde's Les Paul that the strings go around the Stoptail bridge. Does that help in tuning or what?
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i do the same on my SG
im not sure if it helps with tuning or anything
but it looks pretty cool
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He says it improves sustain.
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If u flip the Stoptail over, it helps with sustain and (possibly) tuning. Somewhere theres a whole website about bridge mods and stuff. More contact with the bridge posts. Its a cheaper alternative to TonePros stuff.
It barely does a thing, although people rumour it to sustain more.
You lower you Stop Tail Piece as low as it'll go but leave the TOM Bridge in it's place and just string revered.

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Ive tried it before. It's not really that good for tuning stability as the breaking angle over the bridge isnt very much.

Looks way cool though ! lol
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Ive tried it before. It's not really that good for tuning stability as the breaking angle over the bridge isnt very much.

Looks way cool though ! lol

i found the break angle made it easier to string bend when i was on higher gauge strings but i just changed to a lower gauge and back to normal stringing and it feels about the same. also the thinner strings cut small grooves in the T-O-M where they double back on themselves. never had any tuning problems either way on my epi LP.
Thank you please.
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never had any tuning problems either way on my epi LP.

I just found that the bounce on the string was a little out coz the string tension was less. Probably more to do with how hard I play rather than the breaking angle. It was more noticable when recording more than anything
i string that way, you don't want to do it with light gauge strings. i use .11's and it works fine. it just sounds a little different, not any major change.
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so to summarize the various answers to the question...

Q - does it make any difference?

A - yes, no or maybe... lol

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Thank you please.
It slightly decreases tension due to the slighly further distance the string goes, and also it decreases the angle at the saddles, the idea there is that strings are less likely to break because the saddles don't dig in as much.

Try it, see if you like it.
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when strung this way, the angle of the strings going over the bridge is less, so less breakages ocur. also, because of a combination of this reduced angle and also a slight increase in string length, bends are easier.
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I do it on my guitar with the top 2 strings. Before I did it all my high E's broke on big bends, they don't anymore. If you use quite heavy strings you CAN see them cutting into the tailpiece when you take the strings off, this isn't really that much of a problem I guess though since no-one's gonna see that with the strings on and if it makes it easier to bend and harder for strings to break then it's worth it!
This will not affect string tension, what affects string tension is what ou have it tuned to, your scale length, and what kind of strings you use, nothing else. That is just physics. However it does make it easier to bend your strings because the friction at the bridge is decreased proportionately to the angle the strings pass over the saddles at. So, tension is the same, bending should still be easier though. I also think it doesn't really increase sustain because the strings put less pressure on the saddles with the new angle, but that could be balanced by better conact at the stop bar posts. Experiment with it, it's nothing that can't be reversed very easily.
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